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My Top 5 Houston Wedding Bakers

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cakes by gina

Hey Boss! I hope you are still on a high from those photographer recommendations I sent your way last week! They are all really phenomenal and I certainly have some more out there that I love so be on the lookout for a Pt II.

And as promised, I want to continue dropping some gems this month to help you Plan Like a Boss! Today I’m going to highlight my Top 5 Wedding Bakers in Houston, so you’re in for a real treat (I couldn’t resist the urge to do that 😉 

Finding a wedding baker should definitely be a lot more fun and light-hearted a task than finding a wedding venue or wedding photographer, but it’s still something that you’ll need to get right. Why? Well, imagine spending $5bucks per slice for cake, pay your baker for it to be delivered, pay your catering staff a fee to cut it…only for guests to not eat it because it was too dry or not very tasty or worse…because you bought too much. 

Do you know what happens to that cake? Likely your baker left one box for your anniversary tier to be wrapped and frozen for next year…but do you know what happens to all that cake that you paid hard-earned money for that did not get consumed by your guests? It goes in the trash. That’s right. If you don’t have something to box the extra cake in (not even wedding planners show up with extra Tupperware for leftover cake)…there is no way to get that cake out of the venue and back to your hotel room or home. And no one is going to drive around with unwrapped,  iced cake in their back seat, not cool.

So how do you avoid this? Two ways. First, use my list below of Top 5 Wedding Bakers in Houston to pick the right baker that is going to do an AMAZING job with your cake and deliver something that guests will actually eat. Second, have a plan for the cake. IF you order more than one type of cake, you do not need a slice of each for every guest, it is just going to go to waste (trust me on this one).

Make it very clear to your planner your wishes and catering staff to cut all of the cake and then express to your baker the need for take-home boxes to be delivered in addition to one for the anniversary tier or bring your own take-home boxes as a backup. This will keep you from having to get rid of the cake because…if the top can be eaten an entire YEAR later for your anniversary (and trust me, if you use one of my Top 5 Wedding Baker recommendations, it will be), then surely that extra cake can be frozen as well, sure beats ending up in the trash.

  1. Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen
  2. Cakes by Gina
  3. Bavarian Cakery
  4. Dolly’s Sweets
  5. Three Brothers Bakery

All of these bakers are COVID-conscious. The great thing about cake tasting is that you can request a pick- up boxes (some of my recommendations off them) and can even ship samples to you of their cake flavors and fillings as well so you get to still have that cake tasting experience without traveling into the bakery and pulling a mask on and off to try and taste samples. But bakeries are also welcoming you in for intimate appointments to discuss your wedding cake vision as well.

If you have any other questions about my Top 5 Wedding Bakers in Houston, drop me a line!

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