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How to Make a Wedding Check List You’ll Stick To

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With so much to get ready in the run-up to your wedding, you’re going to need to organize your tasks in order to stay productive. A checklist works well, but how do you go about creating one that is informative enough to keep you on track?

To help you know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it, here are some of our top tips for creating a wedding checklist you’ll actually stick to.

Prioritize important tasks

wedding invite and Save the Date

It’s all well and good to write each of your jobs down, but if it’s done at random, you risk feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin when it comes time to start crossing each one off your list.

To ensure that you deal with the most important tasks first, you’re going to want to put them in priority order. Usually, you’ll begin with tasks like finding a wedding venue, booking your vendors, and searching for your dress. Then, you can put the least important tasks at the bottom of your checklist. These might be things like selecting your wedding favors, or getting your engagement ring professionally cleaned.

While even the smallest of details go a long way in making your wedding day special, it’s important to remember that there are certain tasks that you can skip if the worst comes to worst – while others are absolutely crucial to have ready to go in time for your big day.

Include helpful details

You’re most likely to stick to your checklist if each individual task is detailed with all the important information that you’re going to need to complete it. Vague notes on your list mean you’re less likely to get the job done, and much more likely to put it off for later.

So, alongside each of your checklist tasks, you’ll want to consider including some step-by-step notes. Perhaps you’ll want to record the details of the people or companies that you’ll need to contact, as well as budget information for each task – you could even include some pictures alongside each one for a little creative inspiration. By making your checklist more detailed and extensive in this way, it’ll become easier to follow and much more engaging.

wedding groom checking the time

Set time frames

When you’ve got months or even years to wait until the big day arrives, you may struggle to get in the right frame of mind for wedding planning. After all, in the early stages of preparation, you don’t have the added pressure of time constraints to think about.

Despite this fact, tackling your most important tasks early on sets you up to be better prepared and more relaxed as your wedding date draws closer. Taking this into account, you may want to consider pairing your checklist with a wedding planning schedule, or perhaps

include deadline details alongside each task. This way, you can accurately calculate the amount of time that you’re going to need to complete each of the jobs on your list.

By following each of these steps to creating your wedding checklist, you’re guaranteed to create a guide that you’ll stick to. Plus, you’re likely to complete each task in a timely manner, and with minimal stress – leaving much more room for enjoyment and excitement in the lead-up to your wedding day.

If this helped you get some ideas for how to create a wedding checklist you’ll actually stick to, let me know! Reach out today for a consultation to discuss how SwaLaRue Events can help you develop a checklist customized to your planning needs.

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