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How we’re making Homeschool work for us during COVID

Ya’ll has 2020 been a wash or what?? Like I’ve been sitting on the STRUGGLE bus for not weeks, MONTHS just waiting for my stop to get off! First, I waited pretty impatiently. Like everyone else, I said, hey…weddings will still happen – this will be over in two weeks, should be no big deal to just ‘stay home’.

But those two weeks rapidly morphed into completely pulling my kids out of their private school a month later (because we were paying for services we couldn’t use) and then I added teach to my resume for April and May. But I kept telling myself, by the start of the school year, this will all be over.

Yet as the summer continued to dwindle down…I began to realize there was no way I could bet on my kids being able to go back to school. My husband and I watched a news segment about a school district in Florida. There was coverage from all angles: students, teachers, administrators, and parents. It literally brought me to tears.

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My husband and I looked at eachother when it ended and said, “we can’t send out babies to school”. While we are fortunate enough to work from home, it really is NOT the same when the entier family is here together. Being productive is virtually impossible. But when you want to make it work, you find a way.

So I’ve added cafateria staff, principle and teacher of math, reading, P.E. and Arts to my resume, and embraced this school year homeschooling.

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I teach 1 day, my husband teaches 1 day and we have a tutor from Jones Prep helping out twice a week. We reserve Fridays for a review of what was taught during the week as well as good character and citizenship.

While we’re only two weeks in to the ‘unschool’ year, I’m optimistic that our kids will thrive during this experience and come out ahead at the end of it.

I want to send encouragement out to anyone out there that feels like COVID has forced them into an impossible situation. YOU CAN DO THIS! There is no burden on your plate you are not equipped to handle.

Be encouraged, we are in this together.

And please let me know, what have you implemented to get through this Fall semester? If you’re doing virtual learning for Pre-K-2nd grade, I’m dying to know how its working out!

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