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You need a planner–ASAP

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And here are 3 reasons why.

You need a wedding planner. And not in a shameless plug for my event planning business kind of way. Weddings are expensive, they bring about a lot of emotion and it’s really important to understand the logistics and associated fees with pulling it off right. A wedding planner can help you handle all of that.

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According to a study conducted by Wedding Wire on couples who wed in 2019, only 33% of engaged couples hired a planner to help them execute their wedding. This news is huge! It tells me one thing about brides and grooms: they don’t think having a planner is a priority.

Every wedding will at least $10-30k (starting price) on a venue, photographer and some form of entertainment, yet only 1/3 of the time is an actual person solely dedicated to making sure everything goes according to plan for all of the money invested. Let that sink in.

I am here to tell you 3 reasons why you need a wedding planner. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

lady holding bouquet of flowers

1. Murphys Law is Real

Above all there is a little man in the woods running around town raining on parades left and right. His name is Murphy. He is a complete grouch and his sole purpose in life is to go around to parties messing things up. Things you wouldn’t even think could be messed up. Wedding planners are the mortal enemy of Murphy. We show up to events with murphy scanning goggles on with our game faces on. Ready to throw down.

Here are a few examples of what could go wrong:

  1. The groom (in all his nervous energy) leaves the rings at the hotel
  2. The rental vendor sets up the WRONG decor, left the venue, and is not answering the phone…Like this happened frfr.
  3. Uncle Johnny had a little too much to drink and the reception hasn’t even started…Security please.
  4. The cake topper broke as its being pulled out to place on top of the cake. Are you walking around with a glue gun in your bridal bag?
  5. The maid of honor comes down with a massive headache an hour before the ceremony and there are no 7/11s near your secluded venue.
  6. Your photographer looks like a no show…ceremony is in half an hour and he still isn’t on-site or answering calls..or texts.
black white and pink planning tools and magazine

I’d like to point out that these are actual things that occurred for my clients and now I ask: what would YOU do if you were the bride, getting ready to marry your best friend and then something like either of these things happened? Should you REALLY be the one putting out these fires while you’re all dressed up? How about your mom? Your maid of honor (who can be a total spaz sometimes)? Yea didn’t think so.

But what if you could strut into your wedding stress-free and fully present, aka like a boss? That’s the SwaLaRue promise to you. We fill the gap of your wedding planning needs.

balloons spelling love

Weddings also have the potential to bring out the highest emotions in you, your future spouse, and all of your loved ones. Add on the thought of how much you’ve spent, the open bar, and the stress you’ve been under the past 10months and it’s a recipe for disaster. Which brings me to point #2.

2. You can’t be in two places at one time.

If the caterer is trying to get into the building to set up but the door is locked and the venue does not have any personnel on site with you…but you’re at the altar getting married, who is going to let’em in?

This is just one of many examples of all of the different behind-the-scenes moving pieces that go on and it literally takes a team of 2 or more to handle all of the moving pieces. And since you are getting married….who is going to handle that while you’re getting married? If you hire a planner, the answer is so simple.

3. You have no idea which vendors to choose.

Let’s step back into pe-event day. Back to when you first start looking for vendors. Do you know how many vendors are needed to pull of a smoothly planned event? A wedding planner does. With a planner on your side you’ll be able to follow a process that ensures you will have all of the important key vendors that are needed to bring your wedding to life. It takes more than a venue, good food and music. And if you want to be sure you cover all of your basis, bring a wedding planner on to your planning committee.

So there you have it, 3 reasons to hire a planner. And there are more…many more that I’ll continue to share with you overtime.

If this has helped you re-think your planning process in any way, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Fred Gomez says:

    As a photo booth rental business, can attest to the importance of hiring a wedding planner. With so many moving parts involved in planning a wedding, having an experienced professional to handle logistics and mitigate potential issues can make a huge difference in the success of the event.

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