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Wedding Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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3 Wedding Disasters to that you can easily prevent

Fail to plan or fail to plan….that’s what my mom always told me. Maybe she’s the reason I love to plan weddings because I understand the importance of having a solid plan before I go into anything. It has really helped me avoid disaster on wedding day for my clients.

Don’t go into your wedding day unprepared. Being prepared for your wedding means more than buying a dress, booking your vendors, and checking off tasks on a wedding planning checklist. There are some disasters you are headed toward if you don’t plan for them in advance. We’re going to discuss 5 today.

Avoid Wedding Day Disasters by writing a bullet proof timeline and you’ll achieve peace, seamless transitions and be prepared for the unexpected.

 As a professional wedding planner, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes of these typical pitfalls to reveal ways you can avoid wedding day disasters that routinely happen.

Plan your reception events around mealtime. Nothing is worse than serving guests cold food. This is a MAJOR wedding day disaster. Catering managers avoid this like the plague but they need your help! Once you decide on what time is best to eat don’t let any other events get in the way of serving your meal on time. If your ceremony ran over time and your Grand Entrance is running behind time, skip the specialty dances or other formal events to make sure your meal is served hot. After all of your guests are served you can always go back and complete the other events that you had planned for.

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Create a wedding day packing list. Want to avoid a wedding day disaster? Layout everything you need well before you get ready for your rehearsal. In the weeks and months leading up to your vendors, you may receive gentle reminders from your photographer of wedding day detail shots and what to bring for them? Or maybe you suffer from headaches and you KNOW you may get one on your Wedding Day. This is easily avoidable. As you’re planning create a packing list of things you personally will want with you in case of an emergency and for those special detail shots (like grandma’s hand mirror, how cool would it be to have a detail shot of that next to your wedding shoes and something blue?)

Have a bullet-proof timeline. These bad boys come in all shapes and sizes, some are overly-detailed, some don’t include enough detail but the way to create a bullet-proof timeline is to add in a course of action for when Murphy’s Law decides to show up. And Boss Brides, Murphy is ALWAYS on the guest list. The question is if you’ll be ready for him or if he’ll make his own seat at one of your guest tables. Don’t time your events back to back to back. Treat your timeline like a decanter holding a fine wine…let that baby breathe. The more space you add in, the more time you’ll account for the unexpected (or allow time for the things you just didn’t think of).

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Now you know at least 3 ways to avoid wedding day disasters. But this is only one small piece. Have you hired someone to help you avoid these experiences so you can actually enjoy your wedding day?

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