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How to Plan a Vegan Wedding

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Choosing to host a vegan wedding offers a great opportunity to share your passion for plant-based food, and can make your big day considerably more sustainable. Of course, planning such a sizable event in keeping with your dietary requirements can be challenging, and with so many little details to consider, staying true to your vision of the perfect vegan celebration can feel tough if you’re not sure how to get started.

Need some tips to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch? Here are three steps to take when planning a vegan wedding.

Recreate classic dishes

When it comes to catering for a large group of your friends and family, you want to serve food that you know they’re going to enjoy. While there are plenty of vegan dishes that are tasty in their own right, you might want to consider reimagining some of the more traditional wedding dishes with plant-based alternatives.

By choosing to recreate classic wedding dishes, your guests can have a taste of all their favorite foods, whilst also being amazed that they’ve been made with entirely vegan ingredients. Whether you opt to serve a plant-based filet or a soy alternative to salmon, this is your chance to show your guests just how delicious vegan cuisine can be.

Don’t forget to choose a caterer with experience supplying vegan weddings – this is key if you want to serve fresh, exciting plant-based recipes that truly break the mould.

Veganism as a theme

People have different reasons for choosing to be vegan. For some, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle – others might be motivated by moral or ethical concerns, or perhaps hope to make more sustainable choices.

No matter your reasons for hosting a vegan wedding, it’s likely this choice represents one of your core values as a couple. You may have a story to tell, or a motivation that you want to share with your loved ones as to why you chose a vegan lifestyle in the first place. Your wedding is the perfect time to introduce your friends and family to this important part of your life, by choosing to make veganism a theme and incorporating it into multiple aspects of your day.

Perhaps you’ll want to set up some information stands throughout your venue, or plan a fun interactive quiz to entertain your guests. It’s best to leave plenty of time to consider the message you want to share, in order to find an interesting and meaningful way to relay it.

Focus on more than just the food

One of the hardest parts of planning a vegan wedding is ensuring that alongside your menu, all the other elements of your day are also vegan-friendly, such as your venue decor and your outfits.

Whether or not you choose to extend your vegan principles to these other areas depends on how you define veganism, and what your ultimate motivation or goal is. If you’re motivated by animal ethics, you’ll want to avoid fabrics that are made from animal products when choosing your wedding gown, such as fur or silk. Similarly, you’ll want to avoid using decorations that are made of materials like leather, wool and feathers.

If you’re hosting a vegan wedding in order to celebrate your union sustainably, you may also want to use products that are eco-friendly throughout your wedding day. While they may not be directly linked to veganism per se, this will go a long way to achieving your goal of a more sustainable way of living.

A perfect vegan celebration

When it comes to hosting a wedding, many couples feel pressured to plan an event that caters to the needs of their friends and family. While this is important in some instances, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own personal wishes on a day that is ultimately yours. By planning your big day to meet your dietary needs, you can ensure a celebration that is perfect and uniquely your own.

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