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How Much is a Wedding Planner in Houston, TX?

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Last week we talked about factors to consider when choosing a wedding planner. Today, we’re continuing the conversation by addressing the number one question planners get asked in HTX, how much is a wedding planner in Houston, TX?

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Asking about price isn’t a bad thing, but you have to understand that when you approach a planner and ask them, how much? It can be a very loaded question because there are a lot of factors that go into determining the price for services. I’m going to breakdown the average ranges you can expect to pay and why.

The most frustrating thing about planning a wedding for a bride is not really, truly understanding how much it costs to plan a wedding. Between Pinterest and Instagram, social media is giving brides a broad stroke view of all the pretty details…with no price tags. And when you reach out to vendors and find out that what you think might cost $ really costs $$$$… it’s a huge crush on your wedding planning dreams.

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But there IS a way to avoid all of that frustration, and I think you already know what I’m going to say….hire a wedding planner! Because while planners are an additional item on your budget we are necessary not only for the chaos you cannot predict on the day off but a HUGE time and money saver when preparing in the months that lead up to your special day. As a planner, it’s our job to educate you that that photo of the floral wall backdrop starts at $1k, not $100. And even if that means the floral wall is no longer in your budget at least you are armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision about what you really want vs. need and what you are completely comfortable splurging on. 

Wedding planners also can come with a bit of sticker shock for brides just starting to research. Your initial thought maybe…all they are doing is making sure nothing goes wrong, but we actually do So. Much. More. So let’s break it down. How much is a wedding planner in Houston?

I’m going to share with you the ranges of costs for wedding planning and what you can expect to be included.

Price Ranges for Planners

While this can vary tremendously with over 300 planners in the Houston area to choose from, you can expect to pay based on years of experience, the number of hours included in the service collection you choose, and the type of wedding you are planning. This is a guide to get you started. All wedding planners will vary but at least you will have an idea of what to expect when you ask, how much for your wedding planning services?

$1000-1500. A planner in this price range is likely new to the industry, gaining experience, an associate planner to a larger planning firm, or offering very minimum services such as 1x meeting prior to the wedding and 6-8hrs of service the day of. Or only ceremony and partial reception coordination. 

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$2500-3500. A planner in this price range is likely a more experienced planner with at least 5yrs in the industry for their Day-Of/Month Of Management Services. This can also be the price range of an associate planner for a luxury market planning firm. Factors that will vary from planner to planner in this price range include a number of hours of services, any added sign-up bonuses, or assistance with vendor sourcing. 

$3500-4500. A planner in this price range may include partial planning with Day-of/ Month Of Event Planning. Instead of having just 1-2meetings with your planner, there will be additional meetings to discuss or assist with sourcing vendors or a venue for your wedding as well as your event-day styling/design. Which are equally important aspects of your wedding that having a planner to assist with would make your vendor selection process more polished and efficient. The average wedding budget for a planner at this level is likely $250-450 per guest.

$4500-6500. A planner cosot in this price range is closer to full-service offerings or partial planning for luxury market planners. This also may include additional assistant planners the day-of or additional planning meetings, such as bridal gown styling, etc. The average wedding budget for a planner at this level is likely $350-600 per guest.

$10000+. A planner that’s 10k or more is a luxury market planner. They can range in price from $10-20k for planning a wedding where the average wedding spends per guest is $1k+. This fee would include absolutely everything required in a highly customized way. Services likely include everything from unlimited meetings, bridal gown styling, likely styling the entire wedding party, building your wedding website, tracking your wedding guest list….everything. This is definitely for brides and grooms who are much too busy to plan but are also going for an avant-garde wedding without having to attend every single meeting to make it happen. 

My hope in creating these ranges for how much a wedding planner cost in Houston, TX is that when you are ready to reach out to planners to identify pricing for your big day, there isn’t as much sticker-shock because you enter the vendor vetting process armed with the knowledge that helps you understand what you are looking for when a planner sends you a proposal. Ready to see what the SwaLaRue Proposal experience is like? Our collections start at $2750. Get in touch today to discuss your planning needs!

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