Frequently Asked Questions

My venue comes with a coordinator, why would I need you?

Your venue may include a coordinator however, what that really means is they will have someone present to protect the venue in case your guests drink too much champagne and start dancing on the tables. They do not take responsibility for overseeing outside vendors, corralling your bridal party, or handling unforeseeable issues. That’s what Team SwaLaRue is here for. We slay D.O.C. and have vetted experience handling all the last minute problems Murphy’s Law will throw at you – so you can focus on what’s really important…getting married.

Interesting…so, what services do you offer?

We focus on two offerings to serve you: Day of Coordination and Event Design. If you are getting married and want to plan your own wedding…Day of Coordination is for you. If you want help bring your wedding vision to life…Event Design is for you.

How many hours are included?

As true Day of Coordinators, we understand we have to be the first to arrive and the last to leave, so we can’t possibly put a set number of hours on what’s included. We will show up whenever your wedding chain of events dictates is necessary and be the last to leave. Hence we do not cap the number of hours included in coordinating your wedding.

I’m trying to find the best vendors…do you have any you could recommend?

Whether you have all your reception vendors booked and are just looking for a hair and makeup artist or are just getting started with researching caterers, we got you. When you book Day of Coordination with SwaLaRue Events, you will be provided our exclusive preferred vendors list, which is constantly being updated. 

Do you travel?

Yaaas! We’ve coordinated weddings everywhere from Houston to Dallas to New Orleans to D.C. to Atlanta and more…we love to travel!

Who will coordinate my wedding?

You will be in contact with Anshwa, from day one. She will communicate with you via your collaborative bridal portal, provide planning resources, be the person for you to vent to and will refer you to the best vendors to will bring your wedding visions to life. Depending on your guest count and special needs, an associate coordinator may be assigned to assist with your rehearsal and wedding day. You will meet her at your handover meeting 6 weeks out.

Feeling better now? Good, let’s get this party started.