DOC Year End

Wow, 2016 is coming to a close….

So much has happened personally and professionally and I don’t even know where to begin!


In the last quarter of this year myself and two members of the SwaLaRue team participated in the Your Wedding Experience Bridal Show. It was tons of fun simply because all the guests in attendance were either excited to be getting married or excited to know someone getting married. And that type of excitement is SUPER contagious! Thanks to Brittney and Kayla for coming out to meet brides with me. An extra special thank you to my husband who built my backdrop wall for me. I told him what I wanted and he made my vision come to life. He did such a great job that David Tutera himself gave his props when he stopped by to say hi. Our booth was recognized as one of the ‘Best in Show’ by the show producers. Primarily because of Stephen’s work, but a close second was the DIY hand scrub station we set up. It was hugely successful. Guests waited in line 20min just to make one to take home. So brides, we’ve heard you…more hand scrub is on the way at the next Bridal Show we do.

In November we celebrated the matrimony of Alex & Sam. I truly loved working with this sweet couple. The bride was a planner like me…she had her venue, catering, photographer, DJ and decorations all ready to go at least 9 months out from the Big Day and the groom was really involved and wanted more than anything to make sure his bride had nothing to stress about on the wedding day. He was super helpful to me so I didn’t have to concern her with the last minute issues that always seem to come up. They got married surrounded by an extremely supportive cast at Pecan Springs in Brookshire, TX.

And finally we close out the year getting ready for our January, February, March and April weddings!! Not to mention the two weddings I’ll attend as a guest in the next 30 days! They are all RIGHT around the corner. So for now I’m enjoying as much quality time with my little family and getting ready for Laila’s first Christmas. Big Brother Jonathan at only 2yrs old decorated the Christmas tree himself this year and did a great job!

No matter what you celebrate, I hope everyone is enjoying QUALITY time with family this holiday season. I don’t know about you but gifts are great and all, but some extra time at home to sip hot cocoa and snuggle with the family in the living room and watch holiday movies gives me life!

Yours in planning,






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