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I lost my wedding ring. I mean….really lost my wedding ring. It has been two months since it’s been missing and I am officially saddened that it is gone. In the beginning I had and idea as to where I left it last so I didn’t worry too much about locating it. But then when I finally had enough time to look in the place I thought it was and my ring wasn’t there ….I had no clue where to pick up my search. My ring was gone. Even at that point, my attitude was that it would resurface when it was ready and there was nothing I could do but wait until it was time. But now I’m really staring to get worried I’ll never see it again.

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I’ve been on quite a few client meetings, venue visits, and even a wedding since my ring’s disappearance, and every time I mention my husband or being married, I can feel people looking at my marriage finger and seeing it empty. That ring is a symbol of our love, our marriage vows, and the oath we took in front to God and 170 witnesses that we would love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of our lives- and I lost it. I feel awful. Part of the reason I lost it is that I hate washing my hands with my ring on. My skin is allergic to nickel and anyone who suffers from this can understand why I don’t want water to get between my skin and my wedding band. I have ring dishes located throughout the house so my ring will always have a place to go when I’m washing my hands; but apparently that isn’t enough.

I don’t know when I’ll find my ring but I’m certain that when I do I will purchase a chain to keep it on so that whenever it is not on my hand it will still be on my person. In the world of weddings we talk a lot about getting a wedding ring, but not about taking care of it. And taking care of it involves more than just getting it clean and your diamonds inspected every so often. It’s also knowing where it is at all times, having it insured, and having a plan in place for what you will do with it when you go to bed, wash your hands, or workout. I’ll keep you posted when I find mines because my finger sure does misses it!

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