SwaLaRue Events is a team of fierce event managers who slay Wedding Day of Coordination.

We are there for your entire day…from moment you wake ’till your exit send off to make sure everything runs according to plan. Based in Houston, we’ve coordinated weddings for cultures ranging from Nigerian to Moroccan to Chinese to Filipino to Mexican; held everywhere from Texas to Louisiana to Georgia to D.C. in Barns, Ballrooms, Art Galleries, and at National Monuments.

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From our experience…

Honesty is the best policy: we give you candid advice so you can make the best decisions for YOUR wedding day.

Like momma always said, ‘if you fail to plan…you plan to fail’ – but that doesn’t mean you have to work you plan alone!

Sometimes the wedding coordinator has to be the bad guy – and that’s perfectly fine with us.

The more you delegate on your wedding day – the more you’ll get to actually enjoy it.

Wedding coordinators need to be the first ones to arrive and the last to leave, we can’t put a time limit on that.

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